Okra Arka Anamika (F1 Hybrid) – ICAR IIHR

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  • An interspecific hybrid between Abelmoschus esculentus(IIHR20-31) x A.manihot spp.
  • Tetraphyllus (Res. To YVMV) followed bybackcross Plants tall well branched.
  • Fruits lush green, tender and long.
  • Fruits borne in two flushes.
  • Purple pigment present on both sides of the petal base.
  • Green stem with purple shade.
  • Fruits free from spines having 5-6 ridges, delicate aroma.
  • Good keeping and cooking qualities.
  • Resistant to Yellow vein mosaic virus
  • Duration 130-135 days.
  • Yield 20 t/ha.

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